Video - installing Mplayer and the binary codecs

Mplayer and the binary codec package is a potent combination for pretty much all your internet video needs on Linux. In this tutorial, Peter walks you through the installation on an Ubuntu system.

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PiTiVi 0.11.0: The Beginning

Dive into PiTiVi 0.11.0. We test some new features in this release, such as basic cutting. There are a few bugs, but this has a bright future in store.

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ffmpegmenu - transcode videos from your file manager

KDE users, here's a neat application that creates a 'service' in your file manager that allows you to easily convert videos to other formats using ffmpeg.

ffmpegmenu is what you need. After copying the simple script into the right directory, an action will appear in the sidebar of either Konqueror or Dolphin (your choice), which easily allows you to convert selected video to DVD, MPEG or into iPod format ...

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