Quickly Convert Ogg Theora to Flash Video

Encoding video from one format to another isn't generally considered the most fun job in the world.

One of the video encoding tasks we need to do here for FOSSwire video posts is converting recordMyDesktop Ogg Theora video files into Flash format for the inline player (unfortunately, a necessarily evil).

Traditionally, this would mean dropping to the command line and hand-feeding the encoding instructions to a program like ffmpeg ...

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Video - Installing and Uninstalling Adobe AIR and Applications

Peter walks you through the process of installing the new Adobe AIR beta, installing AIR apps and how to uninstall everything too.

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Video Tutorial - Simple Hello World Application in Gambas

Peter shows you how to program a very simple graphical "Hello World" application using Gambas 2. Gambas 2 is a visual development environment for Linux/Unix with many similarities to Microsoft Visual Basic.

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