Opening Up Video on the Web - Is it Possible?

Film strip image - by dpade1337 on Flickr

The web works because of open standards. It doesn't matter whether you're reading this on a Firefox on Linux, Opera Mini on a BlackBerry, IE on Windows, or even (possibly with a few issues) WorldWideWeb on NEXTSTEP. You can still read this content, because all of the protocols and languages used to encode and deliver this content to you are open standards.

For text and images, this pretty ...

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Video Tutorial - Use rssh to Create an SFTP-only SSH Account

Peter Upfold shows you how to use rssh to set up an account on your system that can only be used for SFTP or SCP file transfers and that cannot log in and execute commands at a shell.

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Video Tutorial - Sync Sunbird with Google Calendar

In this short video tutorial, you will learn how to configure Mozilla's Sunbird calendaring application to synchronise with your Google Calendar. You get the best of both worlds - a desktop client and anywhere-access over the web.

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