Dual Boot Ubuntu with Windows Vista/XP (with Printable Guide)

It's back to basics for this hybrid printable guide and standard FOSSwire post, detailing how to set up a dual boot installation with Ubuntu 8.04 co-existing alongside Windows Vista or XP.

Click here to download a fully printable PDF with all the screenshots, or just keep reading below!

You can also grab the source OpenDocument Text, for translations and derivative works.


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So, you've heard a bit ...

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Printable Guide - Installing Software on Ubuntu

Ubuntu 'Circle of Friends' logoIf you're brand new to Ubuntu, or Linux, many concepts will be alien to you and whilst it is pretty simple to pick it up after a while, you may be left in the dark when things differ from how Windows works.

One of the key differences between the two is how you install software. With terms like package and repository flying around, it can be a challenge to ...

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Book Review - Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Third Edition

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It's no coincidence that Ubuntu is now the most popular distribution of Linux for desktop PCs. It is one of the easiest distributions to set up and use for day-to-day tasks.

Despite this, getting onto the 'Linux ladder', making your first steps into the world of Linux, can be daunting, especially without support. There are lots of books specifically targeted towards beginners and Ubuntu, and Apress's Beginning Ubuntu ...

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