Reorder your Boot Menu Manually

Last week, I covered how to use KGRUBEditor to re-order the boot menu you see at startup, so that dual boot users could move Windows to the top of the list if they would like.

It is also relatively simple, however, to manually reorder this menu by editing the configuration file of GRUB (that's the boot loader).

This tutorial will focus on Debian/Ubuntu, however these instructions should be ...

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Reorder your Boot Menu with KGRUBEditor

Maybe you've just installed a dual boot system. It's all going well and good, but when you start the computer, Windows appears at the bottom of the boot menu.

You might still want to use Windows as your primary operating system, and so pressing down a few times and Enter each boot time could get frustrating. You'd ideally like Windows at the top of the boot menu ...

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Dual Boot Ubuntu with Windows Vista/XP (with Printable Guide)

It's back to basics for this hybrid printable guide and standard FOSSwire post, detailing how to set up a dual boot installation with Ubuntu 8.04 co-existing alongside Windows Vista or XP.

Click here to download a fully printable PDF with all the screenshots, or just keep reading below!

You can also grab the source OpenDocument Text, for translations and derivative works.


Ubuntu 'Circle of Friends' logo

So, you've heard a bit ...

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