Install Ubuntu on your USB Drive

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Did you know that is ridiculously simple to install Ubuntu onto an external USB flash drive?

If you have a copy of the latest version of Ubuntu (at the time of writing that is 8.10), there is a very simple program that does it all for you.

You will need:

  • An Ubuntu 8.10 CD (or ISO image if already installed)
  • A USB drive with at least 700-800 MB ...

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KDE 4 Tip - Quickly Disable Desktop Effects

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So, that proprietary 3D graphics driver you installed is now causing you some problems, so you got rid of it. But there's a problem. Your KDE 4 installation had those fancy desktop effects enabled, which now aren't working. Instead of a KDE desktop, you have a nice white screen.

There is an easy keyboard shortcut you can use from within KDE to quickly toggle the desktop effects on ...

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Video Tutorial - Use rssh to Create an SFTP-only SSH Account

Peter Upfold shows you how to use rssh to set up an account on your system that can only be used for SFTP or SCP file transfers and that cannot log in and execute commands at a shell.

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