Getting DNS information with dig

There exists a neat little tool in Unix command line toolbox called dig. The dig tool is designed to allow you to pull up DNS information and can be useful if you're having network problems, or messing around with your DNS.

You invoke dig by running it from the terminal. You need to give it a domain name for it to look up.

$ dig

This throws up ...

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Linux terminology jargon buster

Something that can often confuse people who are new to Linux is all the terminology. For people who have been using Linux for some time, we often forget that a lot of this stuff can sound really really confusing.

The idea of this post is to provide a list of some of this terminology and to clear up all the confusion surrounding it. Obviously we'd be here forever if ...

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Command line tips - listing with ps

Listing processes is quite a common task you might have to perform if you're messing around with your command line interface.

There are actually two great command line tools for listing processes, but in this tip post, I'm going to focus on ps.

If you run the command just on its own, you won't get all that many processes show up:

$ ps
  PID TTY          TIME CMD

3475 ...

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