Htop - Top’s Cooler Cousin

Raise your hand if you are annoyed that you can't scroll in top, the command-line process manager. Yeah, I thought you were.

Meet htop.


Okay, so it looks pretty. What is so special about it? I'll tell you:

  • You can scroll through the process list.
  • You can select multiple processes and do what you want with them without needing to type in PID numbers.
  • Load monitors are visual ...

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Bullet proof your server #2 - SSH

See also: Part 1.

OpenSSH pufferfishWelcome back! In the first part of this multi-part tutorial on FOSSwire, I look at some simple ways you can boost your security for the Apache web server. In this part, I'm going to look at securing the OpenSSH server, which is used for remotely logging in to your server.

OpenSSH is pretty secure as it is, but it never hurts to tweak a few ...

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Burning CD and DVD ISO images with cdrecord

So, I've just successfully downloaded my image of Fedora 8, Werewolf (after one unsuccessful attempt) and I'm ready to burn it. It's a DVD ISO image and I downloaded it on my CLI only server.

So, how do I burn it from the command line? There are actually a couple of different programs you can use, but for this example I'm going to show you how ...

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