Kwallet - remembering passwords the KDE way

Jacob took a look at standalone GTK-based password remembering tool GPass recently, and if you're not on KDE that is a very useful tool.

KDE users however have a built in architecture called KWallet, which is designed to securely store passwords and other sensitive information but also includes integration with KDE (so for example you can have passwords auto-filled, pulled direct from your encrypted, secure KDE wallet).

In fact ...

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Never Forget a Password Again

Okay, so you'll probably still forget them. But with GPass, you can find them again in an instant.


GPass is a quick tool that lets you type up a list of passwords, locked away with a master password. It is easy enough to use: Just click the Add button, and give it a name and a password. If you want, you can set the password to expire so that ...

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A Very Easy SSH Proxy/Tunnel

Whether your ISP is filtering content or you just want some privacy on the internet, there is always a quick solution, and it is surprisingly easy to set up.

Basically, all you need to do is SSH to any Shell account that you have access to (it can even be your own PC from another location) with the option -D. For example:

ssh -D 7070

will connect ...

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