Ubuntu Feisty Fawn install screenshots

I just got round to installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. The installer is pretty similar to previous versions, but there are a couple of new install features (including a new settings and documents migrator).

Also if you're curious as to what the installer looks like, you might want to take a look. So, here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

Install screenshot 1

Install screenshot 2

Install screenshot 3

Install screenshot 4

Install screenshot 5

Install screenshot 6

Install screenshot 7

Install screenshot 8

Install screenshot 9


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Ubuntu 7.04, the Feisty Fawn, released

Today Canonical software announced its latest version of the popular Ubuntu operating system: version 7.04, the Feisty Fawn. This release was the first in a year to have a normal six-month schedule: Dapper had an extended eight months, and Edgy only had four.

Other than your standard mix of new applications, Feisty brings some new things in the mix. The first of these is Desktop Effects, or a modified ...

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Thunderbird 2 released

Thunderbird 2.0 logo

Mozilla have announced the release of Thunderbird 2.0, the email companion to Firefox.

Today the email experience for millions of people gets even better. Mozilla's prize-winning Thunderbird email client celebrates the release of Thunderbird 2 today.

New features. Improved security and privacy. Open Source. Available in more than 30 languages thanks to the efforts of our amazing localization communities. Personalizable. Customizable with extensions. Access to web mail services ...

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