Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 1

As is traditional with development Ubuntu releases, whenever the first alpha (or in this case, Tribe) is released, I download and install it in a virtual machine. This release is no different. And if you have a dying ambition to install it right now, I suggest you hold back. You won't find too much different from Feisty.

Of course, the main thing to note for this release is it ...

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Fedora 7 released

Fedora logo

Fedora 7, the latest version of the community distribution sponsored by Red Hat, has just been released.

The 'Core' has been dropped from the name, as Fedora 7 represents the first release of the distribution where the Core and Extras software repositories have been merged together. There are of course, new versions of all the relevant software that makes up the distro.

Before I talk about Fedora 7, it's ...

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Ubuntu Studio 7.04 released

Ubuntu Studio

We reported on Ubuntu Studio, the Ubutntu variant for a while back and now the team have announced that the first release, Ubuntu Studio 7.04 is now available.

UbuntuStudio,org is now open for business!! Yes all you crazy kids its time. Come on in and get it. :)

We thank so many people for their help in all of this. Mark S, the Ubuntu core team, MOTU, the kernel ...

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