Gentoo 2008.0 Released

Gentoo logo

The Gentoo Project have announced the release of Gentoo Linux 2008.0.

The new release boasts an updated Live CD installer, the Live CD now using Xfce by default, vastly improved hardware support and many updated packages to bring the core system up to date.

For those new, or who haven't heard of the distribution, Gentoo is generally aimed towards the more experienced Linux user. While it does feature ...

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Firefox 3.0 Released

Firefox logo

Just a quick note to say that the second most popular web browser out there and one of the most used bits of open source on the desktop, Firefox has had version 3.0 go gold.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing Mozilla's servers are down following an attempt to win Firefox a Guinness World Record for being the software most downloaded in 24 hours. The sheer weight of ...

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Banshee 1.0 Released

Banshee logo

Linux music player application Banshee has just been updated to version 1.0.

The new version features significant performance improvements, plus a host of brand new features, including Video, a new Play Queue feature, Shuffle and improved support for third-party media devices and

"Import, organize, and discover new music with Banshee through its simple
and powerful interface and wide array of innovative features. Create
your own radio stations ...

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