WordPress 2.6 Released

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The WordPress team have announced the release of WordPress 2.6, the latest version of the popular open source blogging software.

It has only been a few months since the last major version update, 2.5 was released back in March, and this release was actually pushed out ahead of schedule according to the team.

The new release of WordPress adds many new features, including:

  • Post revisioning - save multiple versions ...

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Open Source Forum Shootout - phpBB

In the last post in this multi-part series, I'm going to look at arguably one of the most popular PHP free forum solutions out there, phpBB. It is designed to be feature-rich and a complete solution for building an online forum.

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It requires PHP 4.3.3 and a supported database (including MySQL, Oracle, Postgres and even Microsoft SQL Server). I'll be covering the latest version at the ...

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Open Source Forum Shootout - PunBB

Welcome back to the open source forum shootout, here at FOSSwire. In this part, I'm going to take a look at PunBB.

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Like all of the other forum solutions I've covered so far in this series, PunBB is written in PHP. The current stable is 1.2.17, and development work is being done on the 1.3 branch. For now, I'll take a look at 1 ...

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