Dell choose Ubuntu for their Linux desktops

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The BBC are reporting that Dell have chosen to use Ubuntu on some of their desktop systems.

"Dell are going to work with us to make sure Ubuntu works fully on its hardware," said Chris Kenyon, Ubuntu's director of business development.

"For us it is a strong endorsement of Ubuntu and the unique support model we provide," he told the BBC.

Open-source software is developed by thousands of developers ...

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Eben Moglen leaving the FSF

Eben Moglen, the Free Software Foundation's top lawyer and the guy who oversees the writing of the legal code of the GNU General Public Licence and other GNU licences, has announced on his blog that he is leaving the FSF:

The release of Discussion Draft 3 has been greeted as warmly as I dared hope: all the recorded outrage has been emitted by Microsoft or its surrogates, which is ...

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Ubuntu Feisty Fawn install screenshots

I just got round to installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. The installer is pretty similar to previous versions, but there are a couple of new install features (including a new settings and documents migrator).

Also if you're curious as to what the installer looks like, you might want to take a look. So, here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

Install screenshot 1

Install screenshot 2

Install screenshot 3

Install screenshot 4

Install screenshot 5

Install screenshot 6

Install screenshot 7

Install screenshot 8

Install screenshot 9


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