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FOSSwire has been around since October 2006. That means we've got a pretty impressive (if I do say so myself) back catalogue of posts on all sorts of FOSS and Linux related things.

You can search our archives by using the Google-powered search box on the homepage, but what if you'd like even closer access to our posts from any site? Well, now you can add FOSSwire to ...

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New version of SystemRescueCD

SystemRescueCD, which I covered very recently has just released version 1.0.1.

The new version features JWM as the window manager to replace WindowMaker, updates much of the included software to the latest versions (including Gparted), includes some new features and fixes several bugs.

  • Using JWM-2.0.1 as default Window-Manager instead of Window-Maker
  • Using unionfs-2.2.4 as the root filesystem (all files are now writable)
  • Updated sys-block ...

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Epiphany switches to WebKit

In an announcement email this morning, the developers of the Epiphany web browser have announced that the next release will be based off of WebKit, and only WebKit.

We are a small team, with only one maintainer and a hand-full of
regular contributors. Maintaining the abstraction layer, and the Gecko
back-end require lot of effort and time. Much time alone is spent on
keeping up with Gecko API changes, and ...

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