BBC Trust to meet with Open Source Consortium over iPlayer

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Slashdot is reporting that the BBC Trust are going to be meeting with the Open Source Consortium over the BBC's new on-demand iPlayer video service. The service is currently planned to utilise Microsoft DRM technology, which of course will be a problem for anyone wanting to enjoy the content somewhere other than Windows.

"With the Launch of the BBC's iPlayer imminent, the BBC trust has agreed to hear ...

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Google release Google Desktop for Linux

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Following up from my recent post reporting that Google were planning to release more applications for Linux, it seems we have a new addition to the Google Linux family.

Google Desktop is Google's desktop search solution which has been available for Windows for quite some time and recently also had a Mac version.

Google have a list of the Linux version's features, which include their Quick Search Box ...

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Google to launch more applications for Linux

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As companies go, Google is often pretty Linux-friendly and pro-active about making their products work with Linux. Obviously, it helps that most of their products are web-based, but we already have a couple of desktop offerings for Linux from Google, such as Picasa and Google Earth.

The unofficial Google Operating System blog is reporting that Google are making plans to launch more desktop applications for Linux:

In a presentation [PDF ...

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