Lenovo Stops Offering Desktop Linux

Lenovo laptop - source http://www.sxc.hu/photo/532824

Recently, many larger OEM system builders have started offering a selection of their models with Linux distributions pre-installed. Really big names such as Dell and Lenovo have offered this service.

Unfortunately, DesktopLinux.com reports that Lenovo have pulled out and will no longer offer Linux pre-installs on any of their home-oriented systems.

Lenovo does offer four high-end ThinkStation workstation models without any commercial operating system software, but all of its ...

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Gambas - Almost Visual Basic for Linux

Gambas icon

Gambas is a development environment and platform for Linux and Unix systems. It uses a custom programming language, similar to (but not the same as and not compatible with) Microsoft's Visual Basic.

Gambas allows you to put together Qt and GTK+ interfaces with drag and drop ease and connect them to code, in a very similar way to Visual Basic on the Windows platform.

While something similar to VB ...

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Fotowall - Make Wallpaper Collages from your Photos

Peter walks you through how to use Fotowall - an interesting application that allows you to quickly make collages from your photos. These collages can then be used as a desktop background.

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