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It's about time for another quick tip, and this one relates to the premier open source office suite,

Using the built-in heading styles in your Writer document means that OOo can handle the styling automatically for you and also you can generate tables of contents and more with the built-in tools. Note that this tip assumes that all your headings are set up in this way.

In ...

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Fluxbox - Why You Might Want to Try It

Fluxbox logo

When you think about desktop environments on Linux/Unix, you'll probably immediately think of the two most popular fully-featured desktop environments - GNOME and KDE.

But using a fully integrated desktop environment is only one of your options. Rather than using an integrated suite of programs, you can simply use a standalone window manager and then just run any of the apps you want.

Fluxbox is such a window manager ...

Click through to read more... Tip - Disable the 'Help Agent' Popup logo, while often criticised for its slightly antiquated interface, is arguably the most popular free software and open source office suite and in many cases, a good alternative to Microsoft's ubiquitous software system.

However, like many bits of software, it does have its annoyances. One of these is the 'help agent'. It is almost akin to the hated Office Assistant ('clippy') and pops up from time to time ...

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