ManiaDrive - a (slightly crazy) arcade car game

ManiaDrive describes itself as "an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous gameplay (tracks almost never exceed one minute)" and also as a clone of Trackmania.

What I can tell you is that ManiaDrive is a lot of fun, and extremely addictive at that.

Download the game from the site and on Linux, simply extract the archive and run ./ You will need 3D support ...

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Manslide - a slideshow generator for Linux

Manslide is Qt-based application for making slideshows out of a set of images on Linux.

You're unlikely to find it in any package manager right now, so you'll need to download the binary package, extract it and then run ./Manslide.

The first time you launch it, the introduction screen will be in French.

Manslide introduction screenshot

Fair enough, I suppose, and it is easy enough to switch it into your preferred ...

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New version of SystemRescueCD

SystemRescueCD, which I covered very recently has just released version 1.0.1.

The new version features JWM as the window manager to replace WindowMaker, updates much of the included software to the latest versions (including Gparted), includes some new features and fixes several bugs.

  • Using JWM-2.0.1 as default Window-Manager instead of Window-Maker
  • Using unionfs-2.2.4 as the root filesystem (all files are now writable)
  • Updated sys-block ...

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