GPLv3 released

GPLv3 logo The Free Software Foundation has released the third version of the GNU General Public License which addresses many new patent concerns (focused around recent Microsoft deals), 'Tivoisation' and other issues too. The Lesser GNU General Public License (LGPL) has also been updated to version 3.

“Since we founded the free software movement, over 23 years ago, the free software community has developed thousands of useful programs that respect the user ...

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Xandros signs deal with Microsoft - the FUD campaign continues


Advance warning - I do have strong opinions on this subject, so (as the title of the post suggests), this is as much an opinion article as it is news.

TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft have signed a deal similar to their deal with Novell with Linux distributor Xandros.

The deal includes:

Systems management interoperability: “value-added heterogeneous management capabilities” which in English translates to co-operative interoperability development between Xandros and Microsoft ...

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FOSS, money, patents and Microsoft

CNN have a very interesting article about Microsoft, FOSS and all of the controversy surrounding their claim that Linux infringes upon Microsoft's patents. Apparently, Ballmer reckons the exact number of violations is at 235.

Microsoft counters that it is a matter of principle. "We live in a world where we honor, and support the honoring of, intellectual property," says Ballmer in an interview. FOSS patrons are going to have ...

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