Extract Archives on Right-Click in KDE 4

In KDE 3, extracting archives, such as zip and tar files, is pretty simple. You just find the relevant file in Konqueror or Dolphin, right-click it and choose Extract for a list of extraction options.

For some reason, that functionality hasn't been copied over to KDE 4. Now, you must open up Ark for each archive and use the extraction wizard from there.

Traditional KDE 4 context menu

Extract and Compress KDE4 is a ...

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Tweet From your KDE 4 Desktop

Twitter logo

Microblogging service Twitter is as popular as ever and is a great way of keeping in touch with your friends who also use the service.

Of course, the service is much more useful when you can quickly and easily access it to see what is going on and update your status. That makes dedicated Twitter 'clients' very popular.

KDE 4 features a new desktop shell named Plasma. Part of Plasma ...

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KDE 4.0 Style Theme for Firefox 3.0

Firefox logo

Konqueror as a web browser still unfortunately lags quite a way behind Firefox in terms of compatibility. For that reason, many KDE users stick with Firefox, despite the poorer integration between the desktop environment and the browser.

I have just come across a theme for Firefox 3.0 designed to make Firefox fit in better on a KDE 4.0 desktop (although it can be used on any system you ...

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