KDE 4 Tip - Quickly Disable Desktop Effects

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So, that proprietary 3D graphics driver you installed is now causing you some problems, so you got rid of it. But there's a problem. Your KDE 4 installation had those fancy desktop effects enabled, which now aren't working. Instead of a KDE desktop, you have a nice white screen.

There is an easy keyboard shortcut you can use from within KDE to quickly toggle the desktop effects on ...

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Amarok 2.0 Released

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Apologies for the FOSSwire radio silence recently. I've been really really busy with university stuff. My Christmas break starts next week, so with any luck FOSSwire should get some more content over the festive period. Thanks for bearing with us!

The Amarok team have officially unveiled the 2.0 release of the popular open source music and media player application.

The world of digital music management has changed a ...

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Browse your KDE Bookmarks with KIO_Bookmarks

The KDE desktop environment has a shared bookmarks store that can be used across different KDE applications. Most commonly, though, you will use it to store your favourite websites in Konqueror.

Coming back to your bookmarks later is usually done by accessing the Bookmarks menu within Konqueror, navigating the menus and clicking a bookmark.

KIO_Bookmarks, however, offers an alternative interface to your KDE bookmarks that you can access as a ...

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