Neverball and Neverputt

It's been some time since the last Games post here at FOSSwire. Free software isn't all work and no play, right?

We have briefly mentioned both subjects of this Games post before, in a round-up of 13 great open source games, but never in much detail.


First of all, to Neverball.

Neverball Splash

If you've ever played a certain game containing the words Ball, Monkey and Super, but ...

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Nokia buy Symbian, will release OS as Open Source


TechCrunch IT are reporting that Nokia has bought Symbian Ltd, the software development company famous for creating the proprietary operating system for mobile devices, Symbian OS.

The important part of this story is that Nokia plan to release the Symbian OS under the open source Eclipse Public Licence. This is obvious a great move from an open source point of view, and will truly open up the Symbian platform.

Nokia ...

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