More Ubuntu Derivatives

A bit late of a posting, but an announcement was made in Ubuntu Dev Announce about a new version of Ubuntu, in addition to the "Free" version:

Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition: designed for mobile devices, possibly Pocket PC or Palm style.

This means we now have:

  • Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Xubuntu
  • Ubuntu "Free" (no name)
  • Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition
Whether the Mobile and Embedded and Free editions will also have ...

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NTFS 3G - first experiences

Dual boot interoperability is an important issue when you're running a Linux OS alongside Windows. It's also quite a tricky one - we all know Microsoft aren't exactly very helpful at making it easy for dual boot users to experience the best of both worlds.

One of the problems dual booters face is trying to share files between the Windows and Linux portions of their hard drive, as ...

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Ubuntu dual-boot tip - retain Windows as your default OS

If you've just installed a dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu system (as per this tutorial perhaps), you might notice that the new boot menu that comes up when you start your computer has Windows last and all the Ubuntu options first.

If you're not ready to jump in at the deep end just yet, or you've got some Windows apps you still need, or you're just ...

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