Mono developers implementing Microsoft Silverlight in 21 days

Recently, Microsoft released Silverlight, a media platform designed to compete with Flash. Microsoft announced that the Silverlight browser plugin would be available for both Windows and Mac OS X users for various different browsers.

With no promise or news of Linux support for Silverlight, some developers on the Mono project (which is a project to build a free software implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework for Linux and other platforms ...

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Introducing Upstart

Since the days of early Unix, systems have always had different methods of starting up, shutting down, and managing jobs. Throughout the development of Linux distributions, many saw the usage of System V init, the most common starting system, to be suitable. Distributions have a system that one way or another is compatible with this System V initialization.

Then came the time when distributions began to split apart more and ...

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Automatix2 Installation Process

Regarding my previous post criticizing Automatix2, I agreed to install Automatix2 on my system and see the effects. I'm going to be updating this post continuously as it installs.

Install process log:

  1. Downloaded .deb from
  2. Installed with GDebi
  3. Automatix2 started from Apps > System Tools > Automatix2
  4. About dialog opens, clicked OK
  5. Checked some software to install, including some that were config modifications
  6. Clicked Start
  7. A terminal window with ...

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