Installing Flash Player in Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Historically, installing Flash Player, and therefore getting access to much of the internet's video content, on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions has been a right pain.

You can download the archive from Adobe and run through the text-based installer, but Ubuntu Hardy Heron actually makes it a whole lot easier than previous releases (if you're using Firefox at least).

Here's how.

Launch Firefox 3 Beta 5, and ...

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Kubuntu Hardy Heron KDE 4 Remix review

As promised, here I'm going to take a look at the new 'KDE 4 Remix' version of Kubuntu.

For the uninitiated, let me explain. The latest version of the KDE variant of Ubuntu, has two versions - the standard disc featuring KDE 3.5.9, and this KDE 4 Remix disc, which features the new KDE 4.0 release.

In this review, I'm going to focus on this distro ...

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Other Ubuntu variants

Ubuntu logo

So Ubuntu Hardy Heron has now arrived, and you can download the new release from the Ubuntu site.

The main desktop release tends to overshadow the other projects that are official variants of Ubuntu. If you're new to the distro, new to Linux in general, or just want a refresher, here's what is available as well as the standard desktop product.

Ubuntu Server Edition

Server Edition, is, quite ...

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