Midori - a Lightweight WebKit Browser for Linux

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There are a couple of others (Konqueror, Epiphany), but the primary open source browser that you're likely to be using on Linux is Firefox.

Now don't get me wrong, Firefox is great for a lot of things. It is endlessly customisable and has ubiquitous support from website developers. It does have disadvantages too, however, including not exactly being the quickest beast out there.

WebKit is an open source ...

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Video Tutorial - Simple Hello World Application in Gambas

Peter shows you how to program a very simple graphical "Hello World" application using Gambas 2. Gambas 2 is a visual development environment for Linux/Unix with many similarities to Microsoft Visual Basic.

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Gambas - Almost Visual Basic for Linux

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Gambas is a development environment and platform for Linux and Unix systems. It uses a custom programming language, similar to (but not the same as and not compatible with) Microsoft's Visual Basic.

Gambas allows you to put together Qt and GTK+ interfaces with drag and drop ease and connect them to code, in a very similar way to Visual Basic on the Windows platform.

While something similar to VB ...

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