GNOME 2.24 Released

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A major update to the one of the free software world's most popular desktop environment, GNOME has been released.

The new version bumps GNOME to 2.24 and this new release boasts some significant new features and updates many core GNOME applications to new versions. Read the release notes.

Among the new additions is a brand new instant messaging client called Empathy, a new release of VoIP client Ekiga ...

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Gnac - A Simple Program to Convert Audio Files

Gnac is a simple program for GNOME that allows you to convert audio files from one format to another.

It is built atop of the Gstreamer media framework, meaning that you can import any files that Gstreamer is capable of playing and then output to Gnac's supported formats for the conversion.

Once you've installed the program, it appears under the Sound & Video category, where you can launch it ...

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MPlayer is one of the many available media playback systems for Linux and Unix-like operating systems and is particularly useful to many people thanks to its support of proprietary and non-standard video formats.

While the use of these formats will undoubtedly be controversial, the pragmatic Linux user will often still want to be able to enjoy media in these other formats, which makes MPlayer a good solution.

Inside your web ...

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