Finding Advanced Settings on GNOME

If you ever find yourself looking to tweak your features to the pixel, you will find that GNOME does not offer the configuration option in its standard preference dialogs. Fear not, because GNOME has a tool that lets you tweak every option of your desktop until your head explodes.

This tool is called GConf Editor. You can run it on a standard GNOME desktop by pressing Alt+F2 and typing ...

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GNOME 2.19’s Glossy Theme

By reader demand, we're providing the Glossy theme shown in the last post. Click the image below for a preview.


This theme was extracted from a GNOME 2.19.90 (2.20 beta) install.
It may or may not be finished, but we're providing it here by demand.

Just drop this folder (once extracted) into your ~/.themes directory. Enjoy!

All credits go to the GNOME project, and none ...

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GNOME turns ten today

GNOME, the most popular desktop environment for Linux, is ten years old today! The GNU Network Object Model Environment (although not often referred to as that anymore) was originally announced as a project to build a graphical environment based entirely on free and open source software.

At the time, rival environment KDE wasn't completely free and was frowned upon by the FSF because the underlying toolkit it runs on ...

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