Hate an application? Shoot it.

This is a fun gem that actually made me laugh out loud when I found out about it.

Have you ever gotten really mad at an application and just wanted to blast a huge hole in it? With blast that is exactly what you can do. Use your system's preferred package manager to install the blast package.

Now, when you get angry at an application, just hit Alt+F2 ...

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Planet Penguin Racer

It's about time for another FOSSwire game post and this time I'm going to be looking at Planet Penguin Racer.

PP Racer is actually a fork of a now-abandoned game, Tux Racer. You can still download the old Tux Racer, but the last news for it was back in 2001. For the newer levels and features, you'll probably want to play PP Racer.

PP Racer is, as ...

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One of the great things about writing for FOSSwire is that you have a great excuse to try out all of the latest free and open source software games (and end up spending a couple of hours 'researching' each one).

I recently discovered a great game called X-Moto. It describes itself as:

X-Moto is a challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics play an all important role in the gameplay ...

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