Battle Tanks

It's about time we stopped talking about all this sensible software stuff for a moment and got down to what it should all be about - some good, fun, open source games. Today's serving is Battle Tanks, which as the rather inventive name suggests, involves controlling a battle tank and thoroughly blowing things up.

At the time of writing, most distributions don't ship Battle Tanks in the repositories ...

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FreeCiv - the open source Civilization clone

In the world of turn-based strategy games, Civilization rules the roost. Or at least used to. I personally have spent a lot of hours over the years playing the original series (although I'm not much of a player any more, and never really was very 'good' by any decent standards).

So reviewing FreeCiv is sort of a bit of a nostalgia trip for me, but I'll try and ...

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13 Great Open Source Games

We've all heard it. "[Insert open-source OS] has no good games."
You know they are wrong. But what do you do?

You use a top-ten list. Or in our case, top thirteen. Whatever works, right?

Now when you want to defend your title as the FOSS Gaming king, prove your position with these gems (listed in no particular order):

Frozen Bubble - One of Linux's biggest and oldest games ...

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