Unix/Linux Command Cheat Sheet

In an attempt to find a good Unix reference for you FOSSwire readers, I was unsuccessful at finding a decent one on the Internet. So, why not make one?


Click the image above to download a full PDF. Print it out, stick it on your wall, and pass it on. It's licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license, so feel free do distribute and modify it ...

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Command line fundamentals - redirect a command’s output to a file

This is a pretty basic command line tip, but if you're new to all this CLI goodness, you might not be aware of it.

When you run a command normally, the output from that command gets sent to the terminal you're working on, so you can see what happened. Sometimes, though, this isn't what you want to do.

All modern command line shells support something called redirecting ...

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Automatix2 Installation Process

Regarding my previous post criticizing Automatix2, I agreed to install Automatix2 on my system and see the effects. I'm going to be updating this post continuously as it installs.

Install process log:

  1. Downloaded .deb from getautomatix.com
  2. Installed with GDebi
  3. Automatix2 started from Apps > System Tools > Automatix2
  4. About dialog opens, clicked OK
  5. Checked some software to install, including some that were config modifications
  6. Clicked Start
  7. A terminal window with ...

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