FOSSwire joins Oratos Network

And now for the big news!

Fellow bloggers and podcasters Chris Van Patten, Jacob Peddicord, Huw Leslie and I have created the Oratos Blog Network, of which FOSSwire is an integral part!

This is great news for not only FOSSwire, but the following media projects as they're joining up to Oratos too!

  • Gizbuzz is a tech, web 2.0, the internet, gadgets and general tech blog. Check out the ...

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Welcome to FOSSwire!

Woah! Hello everybody and welcome to FOSSwire. FOSSwire is a new blog about free and open source software.

That's a pretty big topic - so what exactly will we be focusing on? We're obviously going to leave room to expand into new subject areas as we grow a bit, but you can expect:

  • Tutorials on using, administering and building free and open source software - from how to use Linux ...

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