Stallman speaks out about MS-Novell

I know, I think we're all really bored of hearing this story now, but unless something major happens this is probably the last I'll say of it.

Richard Stallman, leader of the Free Software Foundation has publicly said that the Microsoft-Novell deal doesn't violate the GPLv2, but will be addressing the issue of patent licences for the third version of the GPL.

"What has happened is, Microsoft ...

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The other side of Microsoft+Novell

When I reported yesterday on the Microsoft-Novell deal, I didn't really look in much detail at the other side of the argument that this was a bad move for FOSS in general.

There has been quite a backlash from some people about this move, and they seem to have valid counter-arguments. For example, this Technocrat article is strongly against this move.

There are two significant announcements. First, that Novell ...

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