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Oracle’s purchase of Sun Microsystems has been the cause of some uncertainty and concern for the open source projects and initiatives that Sun were previously responsible for. Oracle are not known for being particularly welcoming or supportive of FOSS — and with the relatively high profile OpenSolaris project being cancelled soon after the acquisition, much of that concern appears justified.

Attention has therefore turned to, the premier open ...

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Stallman on Gates, and Free Software

Richard Stallman

Free Software Foundation chairman and all around computer freedom guru Richard Stallman has written an article for the BBC entitled 'It's not the Gates, it's the bars'.

But Gates didn't invent proprietary software, and thousands of other companies do the same thing. It's wrong, no matter who does it.

Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and the rest, offer you software that gives them power over you. A change ...

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Diversity in FOSS - help or hinderance?

One feature of the free software/open source development model that is largely unique and differs from the proprietary model is sheer diversity.

For any one particular task, there might be several different implementations. Looking for a graphical email client? You've got Kmail, Evolution, Thunderbird; the list could go on. These programs might all bascially do the same thing, yet you've got three different projects with three different ...

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