Cygwin - a Unix Environment and Shell on Windows

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If your daily routine means that you spend much of your time behind a Windows system, yet you love the power and flexibility of a Unix-based environment, it might be frustrating not to have access to the tools and environment that you want.

Alternatively, you might want to compile some Linux/Unix software, so that it can run natively under Windows.

Cygwin is a Linux-style environment for Windows, that gives ...

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Buddi - Simple Personal Budgeting

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Many financial applications, such as KMyMoney, can be very useful, however there is often quite a learning curve associated with them.

Buddi is an open source personal budgeting application for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X that is designed to keep things very simple, yet still be usable for the average home user to keep track of their finances.


Buddi is written in Java, and thus needs you to ...

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Getting Started with GNU Privacy Guard


Keeping information safe and away from eyes that shouldn't see it can be pretty important. Here in the UK we've had several instances where the government has lost personal information. Since that information wasn't encrypted, it could be in anyone's hands by now.

One of the most popular ways to encrypt information is using the free GNU Privacy Guard software. In this short tutorial, I'll ...

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