Finding that one program from Windows for Linux

Has there ever been a time when you were using Linux, BSD, or just wanted an open-source version of the program you were using, but could not find one? I know I have.

Recommended to me was the site It is a directory of both open source programs and proprietary programs - with alternatives for the closed.

Naturally, I searched for Photoshop - and the results brought up The Gimp ...

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Thunderbird 2 released

Thunderbird 2.0 logo

Mozilla have announced the release of Thunderbird 2.0, the email companion to Firefox.

Today the email experience for millions of people gets even better. Mozilla's prize-winning Thunderbird email client celebrates the release of Thunderbird 2 today.

New features. Improved security and privacy. Open Source. Available in more than 30 languages thanks to the efforts of our amazing localization communities. Personalizable. Customizable with extensions. Access to web mail services ...

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Firefox tip - ultra-quick searching on the current page

Firefox's Find on this page functionality is great. A quick Ctrl-F (or Cmd-F on OS X) and you can use the live searching functionality to find a particular word or phrase located on the current page.

However, there's actually an even quicker way to invoke this functionality.

If you type the / key, then just type what you are searching for, Firefox opens a Quick Find box at the ...

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