Gentoo 2008.0 Released

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The Gentoo Project have announced the release of Gentoo Linux 2008.0.

The new release boasts an updated Live CD installer, the Live CD now using Xfce by default, vastly improved hardware support and many updated packages to bring the core system up to date.

For those new, or who haven't heard of the distribution, Gentoo is generally aimed towards the more experienced Linux user. While it does feature ...

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gNewSense 2.0 Released

gNewSense logo

FSF-sponsored GNU/Linux distribution gNewSense has recently been updated to version 2.0. The release announcement states:

I've just released the LiveCD for gNewSense 2.0, the first full release of DeltaH.
This is less than a week after Hardy was released.

All bugs reported since the 1.9 beta have been addressed. Thank you to everyone who reported bugs, they were useful in making this release better.

For ...

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New version of SystemRescueCD

SystemRescueCD, which I covered very recently has just released version 1.0.1.

The new version features JWM as the window manager to replace WindowMaker, updates much of the included software to the latest versions (including Gparted), includes some new features and fixes several bugs.

  • Using JWM-2.0.1 as default Window-Manager instead of Window-Maker
  • Using unionfs-2.2.4 as the root filesystem (all files are now writable)
  • Updated sys-block ...

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