Peter told you about Katapult for KDE. It's a general purpose launcher made to launch applications by typing them.

To fuel the KDE vs. GNOME debate further comes GNOME Do. Just like Katapult, applications are launched simply by typing the name. A quick key press of Super+Space (Windows+Space) brings up the dialog, at which point anything can be typed in:


You're not limited to simple actions ...

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Twitux - a GNOME Twitter client

Microblogging service Twitter is ever popular, and is a great way for keeping in contact with your friends in real time and seeing what they are up to. What makes Twitter what it is though, is the ability to update your status and receive messages on all sorts of devices, as well as the web interface.

Twitux is a native GTK/Gnome client for Twitter.

It is now apparently in ...

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Ulteo Application System Beta 1 - the FOSSwire review

Ulteo logo

Ulteo is an interesting concept. Rather than being just another Linux distribution, founder Gaël Duval (previously of Mandriva fame), wants to simplify the way you use your computer and your digital life. Apparently.

The way this is done is by combining an online service and a desktop client operating system. Instead of having all your information locally on your PC, much of it can be stored online and then ...

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