Linux Pre-Installs at 2.8% in the UK


The Inquirer is reporting that in the UK, 2.8% of PCs are now preinstalled with Linux. That figure has multiplied more than 28 times since January 2007.

The number of machines shipped with Linux preloaded on them has multiplied a whopping 28 times since Microsoft launched its Vista operating system in January 2007.

Sounds impressive, but Linux was starting from a rather small base in traditional sales channels: of ...

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Let's Take a Break

We're human. We need time off. Instead of showing you how to actually do something useful today, I'm going to show you some great distractions.

They're coming!

This one is simple. Press Alt+F2 to bring up the Run Application dialog. Without thinking too hard, type in gegls from outer space and hit Enter. The controls are simple: Space to shoot, the arrow keys to move.

Gegls easter egg dialog

Need ...

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Meld - a Visual Diff Tool for GNOME

Back in May 2007, I took a look at Kompare, a graphical utility for KDE which allows you to compare two files side-by-side, a bit like a graphical version of the diff tool.

A similar application for GNOME is Meld.

Meld screenshot

As you can see if you compare it with Kompare, the interface is quite similar. Any additions made to the original are highlighted in a green block. Deletions and differences ...

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