Quick Tip: Clear Out GNOME Tracker Indexes

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If you followed my recent video tutorial on enabling Ubuntu/GNOME’s Tracker search tool, you should now be enjoying the ability to search the files on your system.

During a recent upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04, which was recently released, I found that the Tracker search tool index had become corrupted. I tried to tell Tracker to rebuild the index, but experienced some weird issues.

In this quick tip ...

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Lenovo Stops Offering Desktop Linux

Lenovo laptop - source http://www.sxc.hu/photo/532824

Recently, many larger OEM system builders have started offering a selection of their models with Linux distributions pre-installed. Really big names such as Dell and Lenovo have offered this service.

Unfortunately, DesktopLinux.com reports that Lenovo have pulled out and will no longer offer Linux pre-installs on any of their home-oriented systems.

Lenovo does offer four high-end ThinkStation workstation models without any commercial operating system software, but all of its ...

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Extract Archives on Right-Click in KDE 4

In KDE 3, extracting archives, such as zip and tar files, is pretty simple. You just find the relevant file in Konqueror or Dolphin, right-click it and choose Extract for a list of extraction options.

For some reason, that functionality hasn't been copied over to KDE 4. Now, you must open up Ark for each archive and use the extraction wizard from there.

Traditional KDE 4 context menu

Extract and Compress KDE4 is a ...

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