Htop - Top’s Cooler Cousin

Raise your hand if you are annoyed that you can't scroll in top, the command-line process manager. Yeah, I thought you were.

Meet htop.


Okay, so it looks pretty. What is so special about it? I'll tell you:

  • You can scroll through the process list.
  • You can select multiple processes and do what you want with them without needing to type in PID numbers.
  • Load monitors are visual ...

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GTK dialog boxes from shell scripts

Well, Peter showed you how to do it in KDE, so now I'll show you how to make GTK dialogs using a little program called Zenity.

It runs in a similar manner to kdialog:

zenity --info --text="FOSSwire is Awesome."


As you can see, it is fairly similar to KDialog in execution. The only main differences are the syntax of the command and the GTK backend. Zenity supports all ...

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Vim tip - showing line numbers

I covered an ultra quick start on how to get into Vim recently, and now it's time for a related Vim tip.

Being a bit of a geeky text editor, Vim is often used for programming. And in programming, having line numbers easily visible can mean the difference between hunting for a bug for half an hour or finding and correcting it within a few seconds.

Now, it is ...

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