Debugging with Nemiver

You're writing some C code that you just managed to compile. You are able to get it to build without errors, and you're ready to run. But then, something disastrous happens:

$ gcc main.c -o out
$ ./out
Segmentation fault

Great. Your application dies without so much as an explanation as to why. Nobody likes to debug code, but it has to be done at some point. If you ...

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Tasque - a simple todo list application for GNOME

Keeping organised can be tough sometimes and there are lots of different applications and tools designed to help you get organised.

Tasque is designed to be a very simple todo list application, designed specifically to link in with popular online todo service Remember The Milk.

It is written in C#/Mono, so you will need all the relevant Mono gubbins already installed to get it up and running. Here on ...

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C++: Variables and Functions

If you haven't read the previous tutorial, we highly recommend you do so. Otherwise, you might miss important concepts used here.

Go ahead and fire up a text editor, and begin reading and typing. The meat of this tutorial is in the comments. Remember, try typing it out instead of copying and pasting. This way you will be able to remember by doing instead of by reading.


/* First ...

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