13 Great Open Source Games

We've all heard it. "[Insert open-source OS] has no good games."
You know they are wrong. But what do you do?

You use a top-ten list. Or in our case, top thirteen. Whatever works, right?

Now when you want to defend your title as the FOSS Gaming king, prove your position with these gems (listed in no particular order):

Frozen Bubble - One of Linux's biggest and oldest games ...

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Command line tip - determine a file’s type with file

Unlike some popular operating systems you might know of, Linux is clever enough to actually look inside the contents of a file and not just its extension (if any) to work out what type a file is.

This functionality isn't just hidden away - if you want to quickly peek at a file's type, or you have a binary file that you want to try and identify, you can ...

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Finding files Part 2 - By Content

Yesterday's post detailed how you can find files by their name, permissions, time, or other descriptors. But you probably also want to be able to find files based on what is inside them. Grep is a tool that picks up where find left off, and can search inside files (though cannot do the same things that find can).

Again, we'll start with the syntax of the command:

grep ...

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