Diagnosing problems with dmesg and /var/log/messages

When you're having hardware problems, or just trying to work out why something's not working under Linux, or any Unix-like operating system, logs can be invaluable sources of information.

Specific applications (like the Apache web server, for example) will often keep their own log files, but there are also system-wide logs that can help you as a power user or an administrator to track down issues.

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BasKet Note Pads

BasKet Note Pads is a neat little KDE application for note-taking and idea organisation. It's actually pretty neat and it has some cool features.

Screenshot of BasKet Note Pads

The core idea behind BasKet is that you can keep several different 'baskets', in which you store snippets of information - text, images, web links etc. Instead of noting down all your ideas, todos and other little bits of information, you keep them in a basket ...

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Command of the day - lsof

If you need to list all files that are currently open on your Linux or other Unix system, look no further than the lsof command.

On my system (Fedora Core 6), it's located in /usr/sbin/, meaning that you'll need to either run it as root, or specify the full path to the application:

$ /usr/sbin/lsof

It will show you a big long list of all the ...

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