Linux - Getting much better with Plug & Play

For some reason today, I was looking through the changelogs of updates before Feisty was released. I noticed wacom-tools was removed from the desktop package as a dependency; probably to save space on the CD.

That made me want to try out my Wacom Graphire 4 tablet again. I was dreading the need to modify my xorg.conf file, but I opened it to find all of the changes already ...

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Compare two files side-by-side with Kompare

If you're a command line expert, you undoubtedly know about the diff and patch tools, which let you see the difference between two files and then create or apply patch files from those differences respectively.

Sometimes though, it's nice to get a graphical look at the difference between two files, and that's where Kompare steps in. Kompare is a graphical diff tool for KDE which allows you ...

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Automatix2 Installation Process

Regarding my previous post criticizing Automatix2, I agreed to install Automatix2 on my system and see the effects. I'm going to be updating this post continuously as it installs.

Install process log:

  1. Downloaded .deb from
  2. Installed with GDebi
  3. Automatix2 started from Apps > System Tools > Automatix2
  4. About dialog opens, clicked OK
  5. Checked some software to install, including some that were config modifications
  6. Clicked Start
  7. A terminal window with ...

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