jUploadr - upload images to Flickr and Zooomr

Photo sharing services like Flickr and Zooomr are popular as ever. Unfortunately, uploading your photos using the web interfaces often provided can often be a little bit of a painful experience (Zooomr's uploader even crashes Firefox on Linux).

While Jacob has covered Postr, a GNOME program for uploading to Flickr, there are also alternatives, such as jUploadr.

jUploadr screenshot

jUploadr is Java-based and cross platform (Linux users can refer to my ...

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Olive Bazaar

Well, no, not a food olive bazaar (though that would be tasty), but rather Olive, a GTK GUI for Bazaar, a version control system similar to GIT and Subversion. We're not going to go into the differences between the systems, but rather focus on this interesting application, now merged into the Bazaar GTK project.

Olive basically takes all of the CLI commands for Bazaar and mashes them into a ...

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XChat fun with Festival!

If you use xchat, you wan't to try this!

$ sudo aptitude install festival festvox-kallpc16k

get this simple script
$ cd ~/.xchat2 && wget http://vorian.org/sayit2.py

go under your xchat tab > load plugin or script > places: .xchat2 > sayit2.py and load it!
enjoy (the script will cause your computer to speak only when someone triggers a highlight)

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