Video - Installing and Uninstalling Adobe AIR and Applications

Peter walks you through the process of installing the new Adobe AIR beta, installing AIR apps and how to uninstall everything too.

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Adobe AIR for Linux Beta

Adobe AIR logo

NOTE: Adobe AIR isn't an open source product, but I think it's worthy of covering anyway due to its potential for bringing greater application compatibility to open source platforms.

Building applications that work across multiple platforms is always a challenge, but the web has provided a solution for some of those problems, by inherently being a cross-platform medium.

Sometimes the web isn't powerful enough, however, and there ...

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Installing Flash Player in Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Historically, installing Flash Player, and therefore getting access to much of the internet's video content, on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions has been a right pain.

You can download the archive from Adobe and run through the text-based installer, but Ubuntu Hardy Heron actually makes it a whole lot easier than previous releases (if you're using Firefox at least).

Here's how.

Launch Firefox 3 Beta 5, and ...

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