Unix fundamentals - compiling software from scratch

This is a fundamentals post - where we cover a fundamental concept to do with a particular bit of free/open source software so you can learn it, brush up and then be armed with that knowledge for future posts!

Installing software. It's something that you do quite a lot if you're like most computer users. On Unix-like systems, there are several different ways you be getting that program ...

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GNOME 2.20 Released

As of two hours ago, GNOME 2.19 became 2.20.

Today, the GNOME Project celebrates the release of GNOME 2.20, the
latest version of the popular, multi-platform Free desktop

Released on schedule, to the day, it is the culmination of six months
effort by GNOME contributors around the world: hackers, documentors,
usability and accessibility specialists, translators, maintainers,
sysadmins, companies, artists, users and testers. Due to their hard ...

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Simple Trick for Video Playback on Compiz with Intel and GStreamer

Hate it how videos seem to "stick" to the screen when you spin a cube? Well, the X.Org developers are working on that, but for a quick fix for now, all it takes is one program. And it comes with GStreamer.

To start it, just fire up a terminal or Alt+F2 and type:


You should be presented with a dialog such as the one below. Hit the ...

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Kwallet - remembering passwords the KDE way

Jacob took a look at standalone GTK-based password remembering tool GPass recently, and if you're not on KDE that is a very useful tool.

KDE users however have a built in architecture called KWallet, which is designed to securely store passwords and other sensitive information but also includes integration with KDE (so for example you can have passwords auto-filled, pulled direct from your encrypted, secure KDE wallet).

In fact ...

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