IRC Part 2 - Managing a Channel

Okay, so you've gotten IRC running and working. You know how to chat, and someone even has given you operator privileges at one point.

Wait, what... operator privileges?

Yep, operator privileges, commonly shortened to "ops," let you manage a channel. Some cool things you can do include:

  • Changing the channel topic
  • Changing channel settings
  • Kicking/banning and inviting users
  • Giving other users privileges
To get ops in the first ...

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Quick tip - recover a failed download using Wget

GNU wget is a brilliant tool for downloading. Whether it's from the web, FTP or elsewhere, wget is a very powerful and useful tool.

Unfortunately, internet connections are often far from completely stable and if you're downloading something and that download subsequently fails, it can be quite frustrating (especially if it's a big file).

In the vast majority of cases though, there's no need to go ...

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Installing eAccelerator on mod_php

PHP is an interpreted language. That unfortunately means that every time a client requests a PHP page from your site, the PHP interpreter has to re-read the script and compile it on the fly before it is run.

All this costs valuable processing time and if you're under heavy load or working in an environment where you don't have an awful lot of CPU grunt available to you ...

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Fix a Frozen System with the Magic SysRq Keys

You finally got your Linux environment to crash. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace does nothing, nor do the F-keys. You know you shouldn't have installed that bad driver, but you did it anyway.

So you reach for the power button.


Mashing in the power button to reboot could cause a problem if your hard drive is still being written to, and usually causes more problems than it solves. The Linux ...

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